2018 Review

It’s funny, I just looked at my 2017 Review post & saw that I opened it up with “I still can’t form complete sentences”. I’ll have to do another blog post on my health, but I think that’s the theme for 2018.

I’ll briefly cover some milestones in my declining health here, but I’ve had to deal with a lot more issues this year. I think it’s because I’ve hit the 25 year mark in my life and that’s the average age that my mom’s side of the family starting having their chronic illnesses show up.

Anyways, besides me being sick all the time, this year had a lot of memories made. I had a lot of changes happen and I’ve discovered parts of myself that I didn’t know I was capable of. I’ve made a lot of good progress and I feel like I’m becoming the calm adult I’ve always strived to be. I have a lot of progress to go, and my desire to improve hasn’t stopped.



  • Still working at Apple.
  • Started to eat more salads & started cooking a lot more at home.
  • Spent most of my time in January acclimating to San Jose.
    • A refreshing observation that I had early on is that there are a ton of single professionals in this area. I didn’t feel out of place or isolated by doing tasks alone (not that I ever did, but it becomes more apparent when you’re surrounded by families)




  • I had to look back into my Instagram archives because I don’t remember anything substantial about February honestly. It seems like I just ate a ton of vegan food & sun tanned which sounds pretty amazing. 
  • I guess you could say I wasn’t that stressed out which would be pretty substantial.
  • My aunt, uncle, & cousin visited Stanford so I hung out with them for a few days. I don’t have any photos, but Stanford’s campus is gorgeous & reminds me of Spain. 





  • It sounds dramatic but I had the opportunity of a lifetime (for someone that doesn’t live in Finalnd or LA) to see Santa Cruz, MGMT, & Jyrki69 live! All in my birthday month too ❤
    • I actually got to meet Santa Cruz, albeit separately, & they are all super nice, down to earth, funny dudes to hang out with. 
    • I was in the front row so close to the center during MGMT & Jyrki69’s concerts in a really small venue & I loved every minute of it!
  • I finished reading “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair
  • Started working out so regularly I had to buy more workout clothes lol
  • Also (per my Instagram archives) my cystic acne was getting out of hand & I was having periods straight from hell.




  • Started frequenting this Tequila Bar with my friend (pictured above) & unexpectedly got adopted by a Mexican family who go there every Sunday to sing with the Mariachi bands.
  • Started using Tinder & Bumble per my friend’s suggestion. Initially I wanted to use it to meet more people around the area, but now (Dec 2018) it’s sparked more of an intrigue into social interaction. I’ll probably write another blog post about this, but I’ve met people there that I’m still friends with today. 
  • Saw Ziggy Marley perform on 4/20 at Apple for a Beer Bash. This was probably the funnest Beer Bash I’ve been to.
  • Apparently sun tanned a lot 😂 I’m so scared of getting another Vitamin D deficiency.
  • Towards the end of April I was in so much abdominal, head, back, shoulder, just overall body pain that I had to go to the hospital multiple times & WFH for 2 weeks. I was literally laying in my bathtub working in the dark for hours on my computer while chugging gatorade. It was horrible.




  • Apparently just worked a lot which means that I was probably stressed.
  • Went on a ton of dates & got tired from that after a full month of seeing unimpressive bois. 





  • Momma got into a motorcycle accident (I know, how badass) so I had to fly to Texas to care for her for a week.
  • Also went to Vegas for the first time with my close friend & her friend! It was a good experience ☺️ We basically ate, napped, & went to day & night clubs in rotation.
    • I saw Migos live during the trip & it was super fun! The people in general in Vegas are super friendly & chill. Even the guys that tried to hit on me 😳



  • Entered a relationship with a Mexican house painter.
    • Watched the World Cup at Avaya stadium & went on some other dates.
  • Kept getting sick.
  • Not to be depressing lol but nothing much else happened.



  • So yeah my sickness accumulated to the point where I almost passed out at work. I was having shallow breaths & fading in & out of my conscious.
    • It happened in the restroom after I ate, which was fucking scary, so I told my boss that I was driving myself to urgent care.
    • I went to a CVS Minute Clinic so they could check my vitals & they told me to go to the ER since I couldn’t breathe fully, I felt like I was having a heart attack, my vision was going away, & I was having a FULL ON panic attack.
  • My friend took me to the ER after work (THANK GOD for Priyanka, & I’m not even religious. She’s just that good of a human being.) 
    • They basically charged me $4K (now $2K because I’m broke in Silicon Valley standards) to tell me my heart was fine & to take an anxiety reducing pill.
  • I met with an EMT & they scheduled me to get my tonsils taken out since they were enlarged permanently & were causing me to get sick constantly.
  • One of my close friends that worked at Apple with me moved to New York. I thought I’d mention that because they were a really huge support system for me during my hectic time there.




  • Got my tonsils taken out.
  • Watched a week’s worth of Netflix which included Kim’s Convenience, Ultimate Beast Master, & of course The Gilmore Girls.
  • Reconnected with an old Amazon friend who was helping me get through a very immature move that my “boyfriend” was putting me through.
  • Went to see a Foreigner, Def Leppard, & Journey concert last minute in San Francisco while my surgery was healing.
  • Saw Wintersun in concert in San Francisco! But left early because I was tired lol #old
  • Went to Oktoberfest with some friends that I had met in Las Vegas.
  • Probably broke up with my “boyfriend” somewhere at the end of the month here. It was a very immature ending so even IDK ok lol I just now I’m free now ❤






  • Had my last day at Apple & my team had a happy hour for me & brought vegan cake to the office ☺️ 
  • Started bullet journaling. I’m not keeping up with it too well tbh.
  • Roomies & I decorated our door for a contest. We didn’t win lol
  • I also had quite a lot of photoshoots with my friend which were fun & empowering!




  • Went to Rome & Florence Italy with my mom & brother! It was their first times abroad & they did very well.
  • I also went to goat yoga for the first time & it was super fun! They pee’d & pooped everywhere lol
  • The wildfire smoke in NorCal was so bad that it started making me dizzy & my throat feel like it was full of dust 😷



  • I wanted to wind down my year by focusing on my health. It’s gotten to the point where I have brain fog (mostly after I eat) & I really need to clear up whatever has taken over my system.
  • I’m still going on dates while fixing my health lol but they’re more or less unimpressive or disappointing (to no fault of the other).
  • Reading a lot & generally taking it slow for most of the month. It’s nice to have moments when you’re not stressed.
  • & I’ve gotten much more fashionable after coming back from Italy lol see above. I almost resurrected #UFOD but I’m too lazy
  • I’m planning on going to Seattle for New Years 😄


If you’re reading this post: THANK YOU

I’ve definitely put this blog on the back burner for numerous reasons although people have told me that I should start blogging again.

I have 2 posts in mind for the future then I’ll see how I feel about it.

As of now, my body is super tired from doing nothing all day so I’m gonna go home & stretch or do other old people things.

Later Sweethearts,

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