About Me

2017 Update:
Hello, my actual name is Priscilla. I grew up in Texas but I currently reside in California. I have a wide range of interests, but my passions are learning, languages, coding, health and wellness, and science. I thought that giving my readers a few labels that encompass my interests and personality would help y’all get to know me a bit easier:

INTJ-T, Pisces, Libra Rising, Native American Spirituality, Buddhism, Taoism, Linguaphile, Left-handed, Paradox effect, Synesthesia, Vegan, Asexual, and Yu Yu Hakusho and HIM fan.

I’m interested in everything at least once, I pay attention to detail, I love a lot of things, addicted to music, and I’m pretty sweet.

Je m’intéresse à tout au moins une fois, je fais attention en détails, j’aime beaucoup des choses, accro à la musique, et je suis chouette.

I love reading and playing video games. I speak my mind when necessary. I’m vegetarian and a Logistics/French major. I have a bad temper and I like cute stuff.

J’aime à lire et jouer les jeux vidéo. Je parle mon esprit quand nécessaire. Je suis végétarianne et j’étudie logistics/français. J’ai une mal humeur et j’aime des choses mignon.

I love giving genuine compliments and my favorite band in the entire universe is HIM. I don’t stick to one style and I love learning about new things.

J’aime donnant des compliments sincères et mon groupe préfère dans l’univers entier est HIM. Je n’ai pas un style et j’aime d’apprendre sur les nouvelles choses.

I’m creative and usually quiet. I’m also a left handed Pisces with insomnia. I watch out for myself because it’s no one else’s responsibility. I think that I’m pretty wise but I still have a lot to learn.

Je suis créative et souvent tranquille. Aussi, je suis gauchère, un Poissons avec insomnie. Je prends soin de moi parce que ce n’est pas de la responsibilité de quelqu’un d’autre.

I don’t like being told what to do, I have an obsessive personality, and type B blood.

Je n’aime pas qu’on me dise quoi faire, j’ai une personnalité obsessionnelle, et type B sang.

I’m mixed with Malagasy, French, Mexican American, and Native American and you better remember that.

Je suis malagache, française, mexicainne américainne, et indienne d’amérique et vous feriez mieux de n’oubliez pas ça.

You’ll get to know me better throughout this blog~

Vous m’apprendrez mieux sur ce blog~

…I’m also Pocahontas.

Aussi…je suis Pocahontas.


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16 thoughts on “About Me

      1. I’m not religious at all and I play EVERY GAME EVER. Just kidding, but I posted a blog called “Gamer” that’s on my banner at the top of my blog that explains some of the old school games I used to play.

      1. you could understand what I wrote, so you understand Malagasy language, don’t you ? 🙂
        anyway, what you do is nice (y)

      2. I said that I don’t speak Malagasy because you obviously typed something in Malagasy that I don’t understand. That doesn’t mean that I knew exactly what you said.

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