This may be more emotional than expected and TMI, but honestly what else am I? LOL I tend to write down my good days, I try to find something in everyday life to be thankful for, and I often look back to those good memories when I'm having a shitty time (depression fairy visits me … Continue reading 24


Grateful: Février 2017

Today I am grateful for medicine. Thank you. Today I am grateful for nice coworkers. Thank you. Today I am grateful for resources for learning languages. Thank you. Today I am grateful for my car. Thank you. Today I am grateful for getting over old insecurities. Thank you. Today I am grateful for clear communication. … Continue reading Grateful: Février 2017

Being Asexual

Hello world, this is where I explain my lack of sexual attraction towards others and give you an added bonus piece of information about my romantic orientation. There's a lot of confusing stuff here so let's get started. Oh and also remember this as you're reading through: Ace is commonly what Asexual people refer to … Continue reading Being Asexual

Grateful: Janvier 2017

1st: Today I am grateful for having a wonderful job. Thank you. 2nd: Today I am grateful for shelter. Thank you. 3rd: Today I am grateful for a working car. Thank you. 4th: Today I am grateful for good food. Thank you. 5th: Today I am grateful for convenience. Thank you. 6th: Today I am … Continue reading Grateful: Janvier 2017

Being Vegan

Disclaimer: I started writing this post in 2016 & periodically added to it. I decided to become fully vegan starting the year of 2017. Hi my name is Priscilla & I was raised in the South of Texas where family members would hunt for fun & if you had too much green colored food on … Continue reading Being Vegan


Finally. I've written 2 blog posts on the subjects of minimalism & decluttering. It's a habit of mine to take out the unnecessary objects, feelings, people, (but not thoughts wtf) in my life. I've realized that although I take out a bag of "junk" at least once a month (& have done so for the past few … Continue reading Minimalism

“Be Yourself” [Former Protected Post from 4.15.2014]

Hey y'all this is 2017 Priscilla typing now. I went back to look at some posts I didn't publish publicly & I like this one (I have 49 drafts!) to understand why I kept them hidden. I think I found this one unsubstantial content wise, but I think about this "be yourself" concept quite often … Continue reading “Be Yourself” [Former Protected Post from 4.15.2014]