Interests to Skills

*EDIT: I recently edited this post because I didn't like how many gaps I left. I still do not have much time to carve out 3 hours from my day to blog, but I'm trying at least. I love blogging because I can release my feelings here and share ideas with others, but this has … Continue reading Interests to Skills


La Recette de Vin Chaud

INGRÉDIENTS: Le vin chaud (Bordeaux ou autre chose) 75oml/75cl 4 baguettes de canelle Du zeste d'orange et citron 100ml de cassonade 4 gousses de cardamone 4 clous de girofle INGREDIENTS: Red wine (Bordeaux or something else) 750ml/75cl 4 cinnamon sticks Orange and lemon zest 100ml of brown sugar 4 pods of cardamom 4 cloves LA … Continue reading La Recette de Vin Chaud

Inspiration: Rainbowholic + Interview!

Hello sweethearts! I've been planning on this inspiration post for quite a while now. Actually, I've thought of putting it together since I first heard about Kaila a little over a year ago! Let me tell you why this amazing kawaii girl from the Philippines inspires me. ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ TokyoFashion is a website that I frequent … Continue reading Inspiration: Rainbowholic + Interview!

I Made A Thing~

I made a workout shirt by cutting up an old shirt that I would have never worn again. I followed this guide by Blogilates! DIY Racerback Workout Shirt Tutorial! You should make one too, it's pretty sweet~ Later Sweethearts, Cilla

How I Got My Purple Hair

This should be my 100th post *THROWS CONFETTI* Okay it's not that intense calm down. I've been meaning to post this for about...half a year (⌒_⌒;) Here it is now. The title basically says it all. If you've read through my blog before you've probably seen this picture before. My hair looks kind of blue … Continue reading How I Got My Purple Hair

New Years Food Traditions

This is a long overdue post about New Years traditions that my family does. But you get to see photoshopped photos of food so STAY ... ^^ Every New Years my immediate family gathers at my grandma's house. We watch tv shows of concerts and New Years specials and make food. Lemme show you what … Continue reading New Years Food Traditions

You Make My Kokoro Go Doki Doki

EDIT: This is one of those drafts that I was telling you about in one of my previous posts... oopsies~ ----- Yo~ I've been stressed out lately because of finals so I spent some time in my comfort zone. Which I've found to be overwhelmingly Japanese ( ^3^)/ This kind of relates to my Ether … Continue reading You Make My Kokoro Go Doki Doki