Being Asexual

Hello world, this is where I explain my lack of sexual attraction towards others and give you an added bonus piece of information about my romantic orientation. There's a lot of confusing stuff here so let's get started. Oh and also remember this as you're reading through: Ace is commonly what Asexual people refer to … Continue reading Being Asexual


Being Vegan

Disclaimer: I started writing this post in 2016 & periodically added to it. I decided to become fully vegan starting the year of 2017. Hi my name is Priscilla & I was raised in the South of Texas where family members would hunt for fun & if you had too much green colored food on … Continue reading Being Vegan


Finally. I've written 2 blog posts on the subjects of minimalism & decluttering. It's a habit of mine to take out the unnecessary objects, feelings, people, (but not thoughts wtf) in my life. I've realized that although I take out a bag of "junk" at least once a month (& have done so for the past few … Continue reading Minimalism

Synesthesia Interview

I was recently interviewed by James Wannerton, who has participated in this documentary, as well as numerous studies about Synesthesia. I found his website when I was researching more about Synesthesia last year, and contacted him so that I could get more information on our condition. It took me many months to answer these questions … Continue reading Synesthesia Interview

Mettre à Jour?

I've been hella busy as of late. The only reason why I'm blogging now is because I have the flu and can't go to work and I can't comprehend maths either wtf. If this post is incoherent desolée~ The reasons why I haven't been updating lately/this whole past summer: Had to finish finals in May. … Continue reading Mettre à Jour?

Mettre à Jour #2

04-13-2014 J'ai une petite histoire drôle: J'ai pris une sieste et après je suis allée à MacDo pour un café. Je pense que j'étais trop fatigué parce que l'homme qui marche chez MacDo m'a parlé en français ! J'étais trop trop embrouillé (?) ! Peut-être j'ai parlé en français quand j'ai donné ma commande... C'était … Continue reading Mettre à Jour #2

The Wisdom Teeth Chronicles

10th Monday: Day Before Extraction 7:30pm I was told not to eat/drink anything 6-8 hours before my surgery. The last thing I had to eat was blackberry cobbler à la mode before my mom and I chose to watch "300 The Rise and Fall." The cobbler was great and the movie was alright. 11th Tuesday: … Continue reading The Wisdom Teeth Chronicles