Being Vegan

Being Vegan

Hi my name is Priscilla & I was raised in the South of Texas where family members would hunt for fun & if you had too much green colored food on your plate people thought you were dieting or had cancer. I've been a vegatarian for 8 years


Finally. I've written 2 blog posts on the subjects of minimalism & decluttering. It's a habit of mine to take out the unnecessary objects, feelings, people, (but not thoughts wtf) in my life. I've realized that although I take out a bag of "junk" at least once a month (& have done so for the past few [...]

Synesthesia Interview

I was recently interviewed by James Wannerton, who has participated in this documentary, as well as numerous studies about Synesthesia. I found his website when I was researching more about Synesthesia last year, and contacted him so that I could get more information on our condition. It took me many months to answer these questions [...]

Mettre à Jour?

I've been hella busy as of late. The only reason why I'm blogging now is because I have the flu and can't go to work and I can't comprehend maths either wtf. If this post is incoherent desolée~ The reasons why I haven't been updating lately/this whole past summer: Had to finish finals in May. [...]

Mettre à Jour #2

04-13-2014 J'ai une petite histoire drôle: J'ai pris une sieste et après je suis allée à MacDo pour un café. Je pense que j'étais trop fatigué parce que l'homme qui marche chez MacDo m'a parlé en français ! J'étais trop trop embrouillé (?) ! Peut-être j'ai parlé en français quand j'ai donné ma commande... C'était [...]

The Wisdom Teeth Chronicles

10th Monday: Day Before Extraction 7:30pm I was told not to eat/drink anything 6-8 hours before my surgery. The last thing I had to eat was blackberry cobbler à la mode before my mom and I chose to watch "300 The Rise and Fall." The cobbler was great and the movie was alright. 11th Tuesday: [...]

Inspiration: Black Craft Cult

Before you gasp, judge me, then hate me it'd be pretty sweet if you allow me to explain why your first impression is wrong. This brand isn't just any other brand curated by young people with an attitude on the Internet to me. It's a manifestation of some thoughts that I had while growing up [...]