Tuska 2017 Breakdown

Tuska 2017 Breakdown

A few days before my 24th birthday, March 5th, a spokesperson for the band announced on Finnish radio that the band would be splitting up this year. I believe at that point they only announced that they would be playing their last show at Tavastia in Helsinki, so I was already making plans to visit Finland around New Years day. I believe it was a few days after the radio statement when they announced that they would be playing on the 2nd day of Tuska 2017, so I immediately bought my tickets.

Synesthesia Interview

I was recently interviewed by James Wannerton, who has participated in this documentary, as well as numerous studies about Synesthesia. I found his website when I was researching more about Synesthesia last year, and contacted him so that I could get more information on our condition. It took me many months to answer these questions [...]

2013 Review

I'm starting this on New Year's Day at 11am...This time around I won't show you about every photo I took this year like my last year review post , but instead show you only a few then actually explain them a little. Sounds boring but WUTEVA Commencer~! January I was still at my home university [...]

Inspiration: Rainbowholic + Interview!

Hello sweethearts! I've been planning on this inspiration post for quite a while now. Actually, I've thought of putting it together since I first heard about Kaila a little over a year ago! Let me tell you why this amazing kawaii girl from the Philippines inspires me. ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ TokyoFashion is a website that I frequent [...]

2012 Review

Because everybody's doing it... I didn't want to simply type down what happened during 2012 because of two reasons: I might forget something important. It would've been TL;DR. So I'm going to attempt to show last year in photos and links and stuff~ Journey through my 2012 year with the help of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, [...]