Tuska 2017: Tuska Day 3

  The gates on the 3rd day opened at 2pm, but my friend and I forgot so we got there around 1pm and people watched all the other people that forgot the gate opening time too lol The only bands I wanted to see that day were Battle Beast, Apocalyptica, Sonata Arctica, and possibly Mastodon. … Continue reading Tuska 2017: Tuska Day 3

Tuska 2017: Tuska Day 2

Another long and fun day 😄 If you haven't read about day 1 at Tuska you can read it here! Let's get to it! We woke up pretty early on July 1st because we wanted to see the HIM HAM before the festival that day. We sort of got lost trying to find the exhibit, but it was … Continue reading Tuska 2017: Tuska Day 2

Tuska 2017: Tuska Day 1

If you haven't read my blog on how I got to Finland you can read it here and if you want to hear about my time in Sweden you can read that here! There's a lot to cover so I'm just gonna jump right in. We officially landed in Helsinki on June 29th at 11pm after … Continue reading Tuska 2017: Tuska Day 1

Tuska 2017: Stockholm First Layover

Our initial flight from the U.S. to Sweden was delayed by 40 minutes, so our 7 hour layover turned into 5 hours. Leslie and I had planned out our day, but had to make drastic cuts because of the time lost. We had originally planned to visit the Vasa Museum and Gamla Stan during our … Continue reading Tuska 2017: Stockholm First Layover

Tuska 2017 Breakdown

A few days before my 24th birthday, March 5th, a spokesperson for the band announced on Finnish radio that the band would be splitting up this year. I believe at that point they only announced that they would be playing their last show at Tavastia in Helsinki, so I was already making plans to visit Finland around New Years day. I believe it was a few days after the radio statement when they announced that they would be playing on the 2nd day of Tuska 2017, so I immediately bought my tickets.