This may be more emotional than expected and TMI, but honestly what else am I? LOL I tend to write down my good days, I try to find something in everyday life to be thankful for, and I often look back to those good memories when I'm having a shitty time (depression fairy visits me [...]


“Be Yourself” [Former Protected Post from 4.15.2014]

Hey y'all this is 2017 Priscilla typing now. I went back to look at some posts I didn't publish publicly & I like this one (I have 49 drafts!) to understand why I kept them hidden. I think I found this one unsubstantial content wise, but I think about this "be yourself" concept quite often [...]

Create Your Own Future

Hey~ I'm still alive so far, but I'm having some major problems with my living situation. I've been mega anxious about my life all weekend, but then I was reminded of a quote that I used to say to myself daily. "CREATE YOUR OWN FUTURE" I'm in a terrible stage in my life where I'm [...]

Inspiration: HIM

Inspiration: HIM

This may be the ultimate source of inspiration in my life. I've grown with this band and they've taught me so much that it was hard for me to even start writing this post. I've thought about doing this since I started this blog, but I haven't done it because I don't want to leave [...]

What We Have to Accept

Before I attempt to write my thoughts out clearly and concisely I have to note something pretty important. Ever since I've returned from around four months of living in France my English comprehension level has dropped. I can't make drawn out thoughts completely without adding in a French word to make the sentence shorter/easier, I [...]

This Is Going To Be The Same

No matter where I am in the world this will always be the same: People will think that I'm too beautiful and tiny to protect myself or have an IQ above 50. People will always stare at me. People will always think that I'm too young to do things on my own even when I've [...]

What Motivates You To Live?

Recently I've had a thought that occurs to me everyday. Why do people want to live? *Before I go any further don't think of this as a death wish upon my self or something else basic. I'm just genuinely curious! I'm not sure exactly where this thought started but it hasn't left my mind so [...]