Japan: 三重県 / Mie 12-’14

Hello sweethearts! Since I finished my Nagoya posts I can finally move on to the excursions that the kareshi's parents had planned for me. Honestly, just being in Japan was more than enough for me... so having the kareshi's parents set up places to go, hotel rooms, things to see and do, with transportation and … Continue reading Japan: 三重県 / Mie 12-’14


Japan: 名古屋城 / Nagoya Castle & Shrine 12-’14

Hello sweethearts~ Sorry it's been a while. I've actually been pretty busy graduating uni, job hunting, moving, etc. so I have a valid excuse for my absence! I want to update you guys on my current life, but I don't want my Japan posts to get too out of order. I'll try to finish them … Continue reading Japan: 名古屋城 / Nagoya Castle & Shrine 12-’14

Japan: 名古屋市 / Nagoya pt.3 12-’14

This may be the last Nagoya post...maybe lol Told the かれし that I like bean sprouts and onions(°o°;) 鱈子 / Tarako is mecha love (´ ▽`).。o♡  You guys I went to an actual sushi restaurant! The chef tried to figure what foods I liked and apparently the かれし's sister and I have similar tastes 🙂 … Continue reading Japan: 名古屋市 / Nagoya pt.3 12-’14

Japan: 名古屋市 / Nagoya pt.2 12-’14

This post will be about shopping and food! The かれし took me to JR Takashimaya aka an eight story tall heaven ๏‿๏ It's basically a mall with everything you could ever need. I think that I went there three times at least haha But before JR I went to another smaller mall closer to the かれし's … Continue reading Japan: 名古屋市 / Nagoya pt.2 12-’14

Japan: 名古屋市 / Nagoya 12-’14

Hello sweethearts! I'm alive and ready to type things~ I took a hiatus from my website because my life was extra super busy to the point where I felt like I was having a continuous heart-attack for four months...but I'll explain that in another post. I wanted to thank you all for visiting my site … Continue reading Japan: 名古屋市 / Nagoya 12-’14

Colorado! 03/30-31/2014 – Pt.3

At the end of the day from my previous post about this trip, we ventured downtown to find something to eat and walk it off. We ate at a really nice place called "Sam's No.3." We had 2 banana splits that were as big as my torso & I had cheese enchiladas while my mom … Continue reading Colorado! 03/30-31/2014 – Pt.3

Colorado! 03/29/2014 – Pt.2

This is the part where you get to see a couple of photos of the School of Mines in Colorado. After we explored the mountain mentioned in my previous Colorado post, we had a tour of the campus. The woman that we met was very nice and accommodating. We spent most of our time getting … Continue reading Colorado! 03/29/2014 – Pt.2