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Priscilla in France!

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I studied abroad in Grenoble, France during the Fall 2013 semester. On this blog you will find tips, information, and tons of adventures in France, Spain, Italy, and Britain. Thanks for looking!

My Photography Blog

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I’ve always had an interest in photography so I’ve decided to make a blog dedicated to that! My mother kindly let me borrow her DSLR (thank you momma!) so now I have the chance to expand that interest. Please watch that space if you want to see my growth in photo-taking!


Spirit Detectives


Andrea and Priscilla began their spiritual journey in 2010 when the universe crossed their paths over Twitter. Since that day they have been constantly sharing experiences and information between each other about life, the universe, energies, crystals, esoteric thought, and everything spiritual in between. After years of accumulated knowledge these friends are here to share their thoughts and talents with the world.


Sioux Aprons


Sylvia is a self taught seamstress since the age of 8 (28 years of experience!) who is a Native American born and raised in the south of Texas. We strive to create products that will help you get the job done while feeling great! This is a collaboration business with my momma who has sewn every Halloween or event outfit in general that I’ve needed growing up! She is an excellent seamstress with an unequivocal talent, so make sure to check out what we have in store!


Leading With Science

There is an increasing demand for leaders who are aware of the benefits science can provide for the natural world and the human race. The more we understand about our world and the natural laws that govern it, the better decisions we can make to preserve it. My brother and I collaborated on this idea to bring more knowledge about the diversity in the science community that is otherwise overlooked. Check us out on Facebook!




3 thoughts on “Other Blogs

  1. Congrats on studying abroad in France! Sorry, I’m too broke to donate at this time. But I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures!! 😀

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