Silver And Fold Etsy

Silver And Fold Etsy

  Hey there internet friends~ My irl friend launched an amazing Etsy store that I had to share with you all! This idea of his is truly one-of-a-kind and every piece is so carefully made (he told me that it takes up to 3 hours to make 1 piece!😱) I'll paste his Etsy excerpt down [...]

You Make My Kokoro Go Doki Doki

EDIT: This is one of those drafts that I was telling you about in one of my previous posts... oopsies~ ----- Yo~ I've been stressed out lately because of finals so I spent some time in my comfort zone. Which I've found to be overwhelmingly Japanese ( ^3^)/ This kind of relates to my Ether [...]


I haven't posted a wordy blog post in a while and felt compelled to do so in the past hour. I finally gathered my thoughts and chose something important to me to write about so here it is. There's a place that I call the "Ether". Some people closely relate the Ether to Nirvana, some [...]

Nail Art Using Household Tape~

Materials: -Scotch Tape -Design Scissors -Nail Polish (Clear for the top coat and a color of your choice for the design) Watch the video to find out how to create cool nail art like a pro! It's super easy and you have a lot of options to play with your creativity! Thanks for watching sweethearts~