Japan: 名古屋市 / Nagoya pt.3 12-’14

This may be the last Nagoya post...maybe lol Told the かれし that I like bean sprouts and onions(°o°;) 鱈子 / Tarako is mecha love (´ ▽`).。o♡  You guys I went to an actual sushi restaurant! The chef tried to figure what foods I liked and apparently the かれし's sister and I have similar tastes 🙂 [...]

Japan: 名古屋市 / Nagoya pt.2 12-’14

This post will be about shopping and food! The かれし took me to JR Takashimaya aka an eight story tall heaven ๏‿๏ It's basically a mall with everything you could ever need. I think that I went there three times at least haha But before JR I went to another smaller mall closer to the かれし's [...]

Japan: 名古屋市 / Nagoya 12-’14

Hello sweethearts! I'm alive and ready to type things~ I took a hiatus from my website because my life was extra super busy to the point where I felt like I was having a continuous heart-attack for four months...but I'll explain that in another post. I wanted to thank you all for visiting my site [...]

La Recette de Vin Chaud

INGRÉDIENTS: Le vin chaud (Bordeaux ou autre chose) 75oml/75cl 4 baguettes de canelle Du zeste d'orange et citron 100ml de cassonade 4 gousses de cardamone 4 clous de girofle INGREDIENTS: Red wine (Bordeaux or something else) 750ml/75cl 4 cinnamon sticks Orange and lemon zest 100ml of brown sugar 4 pods of cardamom 4 cloves LA [...]