Colorado! 03/30-31/2014 – Pt.3

At the end of the day from my previous post about this trip, we ventured downtown to find something to eat and walk it off. We ate at a really nice place called "Sam's No.3." We had 2 banana splits that were as big as my torso & I had cheese enchiladas while my mom [...]

Colorado! 03/29/2014 – Pt.2

This is the part where you get to see a couple of photos of the School of Mines in Colorado. After we explored the mountain mentioned in my previous Colorado post, we had a tour of the campus. The woman that we met was very nice and accommodating. We spent most of our time getting [...]

Colorado! 03/27-28/2014 – Pt.1

Yo sweethearts~ I visited Colorado with my family last weekend. My brother wanted to take a tour of a school there. It was honestly not one of my most interesting or exciting trips. I've lived right next to mountains when I lived in France and I've seen a lot of snow before. Also, Denver isn't [...]