Silver And Fold Etsy

Silver And Fold Etsy

  Hey there internet friends~ My irl friend launched an amazing Etsy store that I had to share with you all! This idea of his is truly one-of-a-kind and every piece is so carefully made (he told me that it takes up to 3 hours to make 1 piece!😱) I'll paste his Etsy excerpt down [...]

I Made A Thing~

I made a workout shirt by cutting up an old shirt that I would have never worn again. I followed this guide by Blogilates! DIY Racerback Workout Shirt Tutorial! You should make one too, it's pretty sweet~ Later Sweethearts, Cilla

DIY Floral Headbands & Skeleton Hand Barrettes

This will be my first photo set that I edited (badly) so please be nice and enjoy! So if you haven't noticed, there is a trend for summer that I see everyone wearing. Floral headbands! Cute huh? I've seen these headbands using a hard band (like the ones pictured above) as well as loose bands. [...]

My Leopard Printed Bike

One day I got bored and decided to make my bike stand out because I ride it so often. So this came about... Here's how my bike originally looked: All I did was put the bike in my room, clean it with alcohol, bought some printed duct/duck tape (I was torn between a Hello Kitty [...]

DIY Studded Thrifted Shorts!

This post will show you what you can do with a pair of thrifted shorts ($4) and some basic tiny studs from your local craft store. This post was meant to give you some ideas on how you could stud shorts with smaller studs, and it also didn't take me long to stud these shorts [...]