Spring Break 2013 pt.2.1: New York – Buddy’s Bakery!

Hello! After Louisiana we didn't stop much because we had a time constraint (spring break) so we hauled our butts to New York! This is the 2nd time my mom and I have been to New York (First time pt.1 & pt.2), but the first time for my brother and father to visit. Since I've [...]

Spring Break 2013 pt.1: Lousiana

Since I live in Texas my family and I had to drive through Louisiana to get where we wanted to go to. I won't tell you our final destination because I want it to be a surprise. You have to follow my blogposts in order to see~ That is if I can manage to be [...]

Korean Plaza Adventure: Super H-Mart!

One saturday morning I decided to go to the Korean Supermarket called H-Mart around where I live. I don't usually go there alone so I thought that it would be fun to explore the shops again by myself. So here's my adventure in pictures and words! Enjoy~ First of all most of these were taken [...]