What Motivates You To Live?

Recently I've had a thought that occurs to me everyday. Why do people want to live? *Before I go any further don't think of this as a death wish upon my self or something else basic. I'm just genuinely curious! I'm not sure exactly where this thought started but it hasn't left my mind so [...]


I noticed how strange it feels when your life is going smoothly while the people that are close to you are having troubles. Right now my life is pretty content, but my friends lives are quite different. One of my friends got her car window smashed open and all of her belongings stolen. She moved [...]

Grateful: August 2012

1st: Today I am grateful for good friends being there for me when I need them. Thank you. 2nd: Today I am grateful for my aunt that has given me a place to stay when I had none. Thank you. 3rd: Today I am grateful for the money I've been given to spend. Thank you. [...]

“You Can’t Go Around Judging People”

I was talking to my aunt this past week about life and anything and everything when I said something like "My male professors make me uncomfortable because I don't trust them." She told me something that really stuck with me and that people have been telling me since I started college: I've been told this [...]

19th Birthday

Another number out of many that I will hopefully experience that aren't as important as the other numbers. Like seriously, everyone gets excited when you turn 1, then 5, then 15, then 18, then 21. 19 is just a step to get to a more popular number! But anyways...so it's my birthday today! So what [...]