Being Vegan

Being Vegan

Hi my name is Priscilla & I was raised in the South of Texas where family members would hunt for fun & if you had too much green colored food on your plate people thought you were dieting or had cancer. I've been a vegatarian for 8 years

Bad Skin Remedies

So this post is coming into existence because my friend Lindsey Penn asked for some advice on skincare one day. First of all I have to point out that I'm pretty sure we have the same type of skin since hers is oily like mine. I have dry skin and because of that my body [...]

Left is Evil

I remember telling my professor in high school that I was left-handed and he looked at me right in the eye and said "Left is Evil." -__- If you didn't know about my first car accident I made a vlog over it. I was making a left turn when a truck hit me and turned [...]


I haven't posted a wordy blog post in a while and felt compelled to do so in the past hour. I finally gathered my thoughts and chose something important to me to write about so here it is. There's a place that I call the "Ether". Some people closely relate the Ether to Nirvana, some [...]

Cutting My Bangs myself. I just got bored one night and decided that I needed a new hairstyle. I've had side-swept bangs for most of my life so the only other way was to either let them grow out so that I had no bangs or to cut them straight. I chose the latter. If you watched [...]

Fruity Nails~

If you didn't know by now I have a nail design obsession. I've been doing my nails religiously since junior high. It's a really calming hobby~ Anyways, here's my  fruity nails! Materials: Bright blue nail polish (doesn't have to be blue but make it something bright) Yellow, white, and green nail polish for the dots [...]

People That Piss Me Off At The Gym

So Jenna Marbles obviously made a video over some types of people who piss her off at the gym and I've always wanted to make a post about the same topic so here it goes! Guys that want to show off and end up embarrassing themselves. I seriously hate it when a guy walks into [...]