Fangirl Weekend~

The weekend right before the Spring semester started my friend in Dallas invited me to a sleepover with a couple of other fangirls. We basically share a major fandom so I knew it would be a freaking amazing weekend. First of all let me tell you what that fandom that we all share is: TVXQ! [...]

You Make My Kokoro Go Doki Doki

EDIT: This is one of those drafts that I was telling you about in one of my previous posts... oopsies~ ----- Yo~ I've been stressed out lately because of finals so I spent some time in my comfort zone. Which I've found to be overwhelmingly Japanese ( ^3^)/ This kind of relates to my Ether [...]

Inspiration: Antic Café or An Café

One of my most favorite Visual Kei rock bands from Japan. I've been a huge fan of them since junior high and I still am today. Their fashion of course was an attention grabber for me but their music is what keeps the adoration going. Just listen for yourself. What I like about their music [...]

My B2ST Nail Tutorial (First Nail Tutorial)

My first nail tutorial! in bad quality haha Materials: -White nail polish -Clear nail polish -Glitter nail polish -Silver nail polish -Black nail art brush -Silver Rhinestones