Fangirl Weekend~

The weekend right before the Spring semester started my friend in Dallas invited me to a sleepover with a couple of other fangirls. We basically share a major fandom so I knew it would be a freaking amazing weekend. First of all let me tell you what that fandom that we all share is: TVXQ! [...]

Korean Plaza Adventure!: Cute Stores

There are 2 cute stores around the HMart area and I'll take you through them with pictures! Since they're just stores there's not much to say about them. The pictures pretty much explain everything so here we go!

Korean Plaza Adventure: Mozart!

Okay so here's the second part to this little blog series about the Korean Plaza around the area I live in! This time I'm going to tell you about this cute Korean bakery called "Mozart"! Okay so like I said, Mozart is a Korean bakery. Like most Korean bakery's there are tables at the edges [...]

Korean Plaza Adventure: Super H-Mart!

One saturday morning I decided to go to the Korean Supermarket called H-Mart around where I live. I don't usually go there alone so I thought that it would be fun to explore the shops again by myself. So here's my adventure in pictures and words! Enjoy~ First of all most of these were taken [...]

My B2ST Nail Tutorial (First Nail Tutorial)

My first nail tutorial! in bad quality haha Materials: -White nail polish -Clear nail polish -Glitter nail polish -Silver nail polish -Black nail art brush -Silver Rhinestones