Freshman College Life: From a Small Town to a Big City

Ever since I was born I grew up in a small country town in the South that I absolutely hated. The people there were too simple (ie. if you were anything other than white, mexican, or Chinese you were made fun of twice as bad), they were too rowdy (ie. breaking glass bottles in the [...]

Out With The Old In With The New Hopefully

What I really want in my life right now that I'm finally moving out of the house and town I grew up in is a simpler lifestyle. Which is hard for me because I'm like a little kid in a candy store when it comes to life. Everything is interesting to me at least once, [...]

My Synesthesia

My Synesthesia

     If you don't know what synesthesia is in the first place I recommend that you visit this site Synesthesia is a mixing of the senses. Like when you look at a building you see a bunch of 9's scattered over it or it's purple. Maybe when you see a flag flapping in the wind [...]

Being Vegetarian

     When I tell someone that I am vegetarian the first thing most people do is try to rudely convince me that I should eat meat. They assume that I do not eat meat because I want to save the earth or because I do not want to kill any animals that are "supposed to [...]