2018 Review

It's funny, I just looked at my 2017 Review post & saw that I opened it up with "I still can't form complete sentences". I'll have to do another blog post on my health, but I think that's the theme for 2018.I'll briefly cover some milestones in my declining health here, but I've had to … Continue reading 2018 Review

2017 Review

Wow long time no blog! I'm still alive gdi. I'm not in my most optimal state currently and I feel like I can't form complete sentences again, but here I am giving an effort. I really wanted to write about seeing HIM 3 times in LA before the year ended (I saw them in October) … Continue reading 2017 Review

2016 Review

Hey sweethearts, Long time no blog 😁 I've been on a hiatus from this blog mostly because of my first "big girl" job out of university. I could talk more about that in detail, but it's pretty depressing. Let's just say that I wasn't treated well there and I got out (thank the universe) at … Continue reading 2016 Review

2013 Review

I'm starting this on New Year's Day at 11am...This time around I won't show you about every photo I took this year like my last year review post , but instead show you only a few then actually explain them a little. Sounds boring but WUTEVA Commencer~! January I was still at my home university … Continue reading 2013 Review

2012 Review

Because everybody's doing it... I didn't want to simply type down what happened during 2012 because of two reasons: I might forget something important. It would've been TL;DR. So I'm going to attempt to show last year in photos and links and stuff~ Journey through my 2012 year with the help of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, … Continue reading 2012 Review