Spring Break 2013 pt.6: Nashville

Nashville was probably my favorite stop on our road trip. There was so much going on because it was a Friday night when we arrived there. We didn't stay the night but we stayed long enough to enjoy the night-life. Later Sweethearts, Cilla

Spring Break 2013 pt.2.3: New York – Streets

Hello! Our stop in New York was rainy as you can tell from the photo above. These are random pictures that I took throughout our time there. I've already made 2 blog posts about some interesting places that we visited in the area so I guess enjoy these street pictures! Since this was my brother's [...]

Spring Break 2013 pt.1: Lousiana

Since I live in Texas my family and I had to drive through Louisiana to get where we wanted to go to. I won't tell you our final destination because I want it to be a surprise. You have to follow my blogposts in order to see~ That is if I can manage to be [...]