My Leopard Printed Bike

One day I got bored and decided to make my bike stand out because I ride it so often. So this came about... Here's how my bike originally looked: All I did was put the bike in my room, clean it with alcohol, bought some printed duct/duck tape (I was torn between a Hello Kitty [...]

Cutting My Bangs myself. I just got bored one night and decided that I needed a new hairstyle. I've had side-swept bangs for most of my life so the only other way was to either let them grow out so that I had no bangs or to cut them straight. I chose the latter. If you watched [...]

Grateful Posts

I have another idea for a post series. I know I only did one post so far on the other series I just started wtf. This idea came to me because of "The Secret". If you don't know what "The Secret" is then I'll give you the link to their website but I'll let you [...]

Fruity Nails~

If you didn't know by now I have a nail design obsession. I've been doing my nails religiously since junior high. It's a really calming hobby~ Anyways, here's my  fruity nails! Materials: Bright blue nail polish (doesn't have to be blue but make it something bright) Yellow, white, and green nail polish for the dots [...]

DIY Studded Thrifted Shorts!

This post will show you what you can do with a pair of thrifted shorts ($4) and some basic tiny studs from your local craft store. This post was meant to give you some ideas on how you could stud shorts with smaller studs, and it also didn't take me long to stud these shorts [...]

Korean Plaza Adventure!: Cute Stores

There are 2 cute stores around the HMart area and I'll take you through them with pictures! Since they're just stores there's not much to say about them. The pictures pretty much explain everything so here we go!