TDJ: (2012) Spring Break!

2 years ago I spent Spring Break with my friends that lived in Austin. It was the funnest & most exhausting Spring Break that I've had in a while. Il y a 2 anées j'ai passé mes temps pour Spring Break avec mes amis à Austin. C'était la plus amusant & plus épuisant Spring Break [...]

Spring Break 2013 pt.6: Nashville

Nashville was probably my favorite stop on our road trip. There was so much going on because it was a Friday night when we arrived there. We didn't stay the night but we stayed long enough to enjoy the night-life. Later Sweethearts, Cilla

Spring Break 2013 pt.5: American Mall

I really don't remember the order that my family & I saw these they're probably out-of-order...but you probably don't care. Later Sweethearts, Cilla

Spring Break 2013 pt.4: Niagara Falls & Canada

After what seemed like the longest drive we made it to Niagra Falls. We got to the hotel at night and it was really old. There were no renovations and it seemed like they wanted to preserve its history...also Marvin Gaye was staying there too. We saw him as we were checking in and I [...]

Spring Break 2013 pt.3: MIT

On our way up North we visited MIT. The scenery was absolutely breath-taking and the people there were quite enjoyable. I think that anyone would be happy living there. My family was super tired at this point from driving 8 hours straight and getting 4 hours of sleep, so my brother and I were the [...]