Colorado! 03/27-28/2014 – Pt.1

Yo sweethearts~ I visited Colorado with my family last weekend. My brother wanted to take a tour of a school there. It was honestly not one of my most interesting or exciting trips. I've lived right next to mountains when I lived in France and I've seen a lot of snow before. Also, Denver isn't [...]

Korean Plaza Adventure!: Cute Stores

There are 2 cute stores around the HMart area and I'll take you through them with pictures! Since they're just stores there's not much to say about them. The pictures pretty much explain everything so here we go!

Offroading! February 2012

Yeah this post is a little late considering that I went offroading in February...but nonetheless it's here! Okay so I went offroading which is something that my family and I do at least twice a year. We go to an offroading ranch outside of College Station where my dad is a member and officer. It's [...]