Hey there. I titled this post as such because I'm unsure of how often I will be able to update this blog. A lot of you should know by now that I am studying abroad in 3 days. I am focusing my blogging on my study abroad blog: https://priscillainfrance.wordpress.com/ and I have been invited to be [...]

YTF Concert! 3/31/2012

YTF Concert! 3/31/2012

This post is long overdue. My cousin, his friend, and I went to the YTF concert in Houston last year and it was great! We had VIP tickets so that we could be closer and get their autographs. If you had a platinum VIP ticket then you could get your picture taken with them as [...]

2012 Review

Because everybody's doing it... I didn't want to simply type down what happened during 2012 because of two reasons: I might forget something important. It would've been TL;DR. So I'm going to attempt to show last year in photos and links and stuff~ Journey through my 2012 year with the help of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, [...]

Bad Skin Remedies

So this post is coming into existence because my friend Lindsey Penn asked for some advice on skincare one day. First of all I have to point out that I'm pretty sure we have the same type of skin since hers is oily like mine. I have dry skin and because of that my body [...]

VEDA #24 – Journey, Pat Benetar, and Loverboy Concert!

My mom surprised me with an invite to go see Journey, Pat Benetar, and Loverboy live at the Cynthia Mitchell Woods Pavillion in Houston last Friday! It was just me and my mom that went and we had a lot of fun! If you are like me and think that you don't know who Pat [...]

Wedding Reception + OOTD

I went to a wedding reception for a lady that I've known for quite a while and whom I consider family. Her wedding ceremony took place in Jamaica the week before, but since a lot of the people she knows couldn't make it she held a wedding reception in town so that everyone could celebrate. [...]

“You Can’t Go Around Judging People”

I was talking to my aunt this past week about life and anything and everything when I said something like "My male professors make me uncomfortable because I don't trust them." She told me something that really stuck with me and that people have been telling me since I started college: I've been told this [...]